Reader Loveliness

I got this nice note from a reader today. This kind of feedback is SO nice to hear – once the book hits the bookshelves, I rarely hear any news!

I’ve been using your book and its excellent information in our homeschooling co-op and the kids have decided to extend the three monthly meetings we had and continue next year, finishing with a medieval feast. I’m sure it’ll be a blast and I hope to send you some pictures from that, if I’m not too busy juggling, serving food and dancing.
I’ll keep you posted. 😉

President Elect Obama < Six Degrees of Separation

One of the most wonderful aspects of living in Hawaii is the music. My son picked up the ‘ukulele and found his passion (he’s online at, and through that passion we’ve had many wonderful opportunities to meet some amazing musicians. One of those musicians is slack key guitarist Donald Kaulia. Uncle Don, as my son calls him, hosts a weekend slack key institute and was gracious enough to welcome my son into the group – even though he plays ‘ukulele, not slack key guitar.

Here’s a shot of Uncle Don showing my son and his friend a thing or two:

Now here’s the six degrees of separation part. Donald Kaulia is heading to Washington DC to play at two events during President-elect Obama’s inauguration! What an amazing honor. I’m thrilled that he’ll have this experience and delighted that just a few more people will have the opportunity to hear the beautiful sounds of the slack key guitar played by this wonderfully humble man. He’ll be joined on stage by Walt Keale, who happens to be the late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s cousin.

I’ve written some about island music, for publications like Islands and Hana Hou!, and continue to make myself available to write about Hawaii and its music. Perhaps someone will need this particular event covered, eh?