Kudos for Team Challenges

It’s been almost four years since Team Challenges was published, and it’s easy for me to focus on current projects rather than “old news”. But in the past couple of weeks I’ve had two different reminders that Team Challenges is still out there and still helping teachers and youth group leaders. Note that one success story comes from an elementary school while the other involves high school juniors. I’ve said it before: these challenges work for everyone older than about 6.

Cathy Ivins, Emerson Elementary School Student Council Advisor, recently contacted me:

I just wanted to thank you for your incredible book Team Challenges. As Student Council Advisor, I am hosting a student leadership conference at my elementary school. We have invited several 4th-6th graders in each of the 8 other elementary schools throughout the district. Building their cooperation, communication and creativity through your activities will certainly sharpen their leadership skills!

She used some  activities from Team Challenges at the student leadership conference with great results. She even shared a video of the kids in action.

And in a second message, I heard from high school teacher, Jennifer Ansbach, who utilized some team building challenges from the book as part of an end of the school year “beach party”. And, she tells me, “the kids LOVED it!”