Cash in on Your Kids!

Check out what people are saying about Cash in on Your Kids, the e-book I co-authored with colleagues Teri Cettina and Jeannette Moninger:

Writer Susan Johnston says, “Cash in on Your Kids: Parenting Queries That Worked is a smart idea for an ebook, because its authors have a wealth of knowledge on the topic and it has a well-defined audience that is hungry for this kind of information.”

Business writer and blogger Michelle Rafter features a Q & A with Teri.

Jeannette wrote a guest post for the Renegade Writer blog with some helpful information for breaking into parenting magazines.

Over at The Writers [Inner] Journey, Meredith Resnick calls it an “…accessible, amazing and innovative ebook.”

And, since I’m not one to gloss over the negative comments, there’s this:

Blogger Katie Granju thinks our title is “… just awful…but in a funny-awful way.” We are happy to have provided your daily dose of awful, Katie.