Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself
Well met, lads and lasses! You’ve heard of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. But what else do you know about the Middle Ages?

In this book, readers will expand their knowledge of this era beyond knights, fair maidens, and castles as they learn about siege warfare, life in a medieval village, medieval clothing, markets and fairs, the Plague, medieval medicine, and the Crusades.

“Wonderfully fun, clearly written, and historically accurate. The illustrations, text, and suggested projects really bring the period to life. Highly recommended!” – Sarah Blick, Associate Professor of Art History, Kenyon College

“Kris Bordessa’s minds-on, hands-on guide through the Middle Ages is a bracing immersion in a faraway world for adolescents trying to find their place in the present-day world.” – Steven Ozment, author of A Mighty Fortress: A New History of the German People

Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself
With little understanding of where they were headed, brave men and women embarked on a journey to a new and unknown land. A land we now call America. What they found – and what they did – changed the course of history forever.

From colonial fashions and trades to biographies on key historical figures such as Captain John Smith and Thomas Jefferson, this interactive guide blends engaging activities with facts and trivia about early America. Through hands-on projects using common household materials, kids will try their hand at activities such as rug braiding, candle making, and weather forecasting.

“An abundant and valuable resource for engaging students in understanding early American life.”- Jack Larkin, chief historian and museum scholar, OldSturbridgeVillage

“An educational yet fun approach to history” – FamilyFun

“This book should be a hit with families, teachers, and history museums.” – Paula Locklair, OldSalemMuseums and Gardens

“This is one of the best books for children about Colonial America. History teachers should own this book.” – Children’s Literature

Tools of the Ancient Greeks
Temperamental gods, mythical creatures and grand temples are familiar icons of the ancient Greek civilization. But have you ever heard of Heinrich Schliemann? Priam’s treasure? Or the Elgin marbles?

Delve into Tools of the Ancient Greeks where kids discover how ancient theories continue to influence modern-day thinking. Covering topics such as astronomy, geography and democracy, children will learn about this great civilization and how the people of ancient Greece lived. They’ll meet famous Greeks such as Homer, Sophocles and Alexander the Great. Through hands-on activities, kids will learn about the ancient Greeks, farming, and worship.

“Interesting text and activities.” – Metrokids Pennsylvania


Team Challenges: Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication and Creativity
Toothpicks. Rubber bands. Marbles. Drinking straws. Marshmallows. Cardboard tubes. Paper. Popsicle sticks. Rigatoni. Search your cupboards for supplies and get ready to have some fun with creative problem solving!

“This is a wonderful collection….a real gift to educators and team leaders.” Bernie DeKoven

“… I love the sheer number of ideas included in the book; there is no way we are ever going to “use up” this book.” blogger aka Ms. Frizzle

“I’ve seen lots of activity books for kids, but few are so all-encompassing.”

“Great for teachers, and also fun for families.” Ashland Daily Tidings

Mobil Travel Guide 2005 NASCAR Travel Planner
As a contributor to the 2005 NASCAR Travel Planner, I covered the twists and turns of Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. From the crashing Pacific Ocean to the vineyard striped Napa Valley, I share the inside scoop on what to see and do in the vicinity of the racetrack. A side trip to California’s Gold Country showcases some major historical sites.