Great Colonial America Projects

“This is one of the best books for children about Colonial America. History teachers should own this book.” – Children’s Literature

“An educational yet fun approach to history.” – Family Fun

With little understanding of where they were headed, brave men and women embarked on a journey to a new and unknown land. A land we now call America. What they found – and what they did – changed the course of history forever.

From colonial fashions and trades to biographies on key historical figures such as Captain John Smith and Thomas Jefferson, this interactive guide blends engaging activities with facts and trivia about early America. Through hands-on projects using common household materials, kids will explore the daily lives of early colonists and try their hand at activities such as rug braiding, candle making, and weather forecasting.

You can take a peek inside the book with this free excerpt of the yarn making activity from Chapter 4.

Here’s what the book covers, chapter by chapter (* denotes a hands-on activity):

Colonial American Timeline

Chapter 1 – How it all Began

  • The New World
  • The Mayflower Voyage
  • The Colonies
  • Indentured Servants and Slavery
  • European Influence and Conflict
  • Colonial Law and Order

Chapter 2 – The First Americans

  • Native American Trade
  • *Make your own Wampum
  • Native American Games and Toys
  • *Make your own Ball and Triangle Game
  • *Make your own Ring and Pin Game

Chapter 3 – Life in a Colonial Home

  • Colonial Homebuilding
  • *Build your own Wattle & Daub House
  • *Build your own Bricks
  • The Colonial Bedroom
  • *Make your own Straw Tick
  • Colonial Lighting
  • *Make your own Dipped Candles
  • *Make your own Candleholder
  • Picture This!
  • *Make your Own Silhouette
  • Keeping House
  • *Make your own Broom
  • *Make your own Braided Rug

Chapter 4 – Colonial Clothes

  • Making clothing
  • *Make your own Yarn
  • *Make your own Marigold Dye
  • *Make your own Finger Knitting
  • *Make your own Oatmeal Box Loom
  • *Make your own Cloth

Chapter 5 – Colonial Farms and Gardens

  • Colonial Crops
  • *Make your own Apple Cider
  • *Make your own Johnny Cakes
  • *Make your own Applesauce
  • Farm animals and game

Chapter 6 – Life and Work in a Colonial Town

  • Colonial Trades
  • *Make your own Sign
  • *Make your own String & Bead Puzzler
  • *Make your own Liberty Bell Puzzler
  • Colonial Craftspeople
  • *Make your own Tin Plate
  • *Make your own Tin Lantern
  • *Make your own Pump Drill
  • Colonial Medicine
  • Weather Watchers
  • *Make your own Weathervane
  • *Make your own Barometer
  • Crime and Punishment, Colonial Style
  • Firefighters
  • *Make your own Fire Rattle

Chapter 7 – Colonial Communication

  • Colonial Letters
  • *Make your own Old-Fashioned Letter
  • Colonial Codes
  • *Make your own Cipher Wheel
  • *Make your own Simple Paper Cipher
  • *Make your own Secret Mask
  • Colonial Printers
  • *Make your own Printing “Press”
  • Bookbinding

Chapter 8 – Colonial Kids

  • Colonial Fun
  • *Make your own Marbles
  • *Make your own Whirligig
  • *Make your own Apple Doll
  • Colonial Education