Tools of the Ancient Greeks

“Interesting text and activities.” – Metrokids Pennsylvania

Temperamental gods, mythical creatures and grand temples are familiar icons of the ancient Greek civilization. But have you ever heard of Heinrich Schliemann? Priam’s treasure? Or the marbles?

Delve into all this and more in Tools of the Ancient Greeks as kids discover how ancient theories continue to influence modern-day thinking. Covering topics such as astronomy, geography and democracy, children will learn about this great civilization and how the people of ancient Greece lived. They’ll meet famous Greeks such as Homer, Sophocles and Alexander the Great. And they’ll take a peek into the daily lives of the ancient Greeks, learning about farming, customs and worship. Through hands-on activities, kids will gain an understanding of the lifestyle and experimental nature of the ancient Greek people.

Take a peek inside the book:

Chapter by chapter:
(* denotes hands-on activity)


Chapter 1: Ancient Greece and the Beginnings of Democracy< Chapter 2: Farming, Trade, and the Greek Way of Life *Host your own Symposium *Baklava Chapter 3: The Arts of the Ancient Greeks *Comedy and Tragedy Masks *Write a Letter in Greek *Make a Pot Chapter 4: Greek Gods *Creature Feature *Supreme Sales Chapter 5: Sports and the Olympics *Hold your own Ancient Olympics Chapter 6: Philosophy Chapter 7: Architecture *Craft a Column *Make an Ancient Greek Building Chapter 8: Science, Math and Medicine *Stomachion *Make an Abacus Chapter 9: Mapping the World and the Stars< *Ancient Greek City-State Travel Brochure Chapter 10: Warfare in Ancient Greece *Labyrinth *Ancient Greek-opolis